Data slays dragons

Coming soon

[NEW!] Divnitor Labs is now open! Tools that are under development are available for public testing.

What is Divinitor?

Just a DN tool suite

Divinitor is a collection of tools and APIs for Dragon Nest players to use to make smarter choices, discover more about the game, and improve themselves. Everything is currently under construction still, so check back in a while.

What's planned?

Something's cooking in there

Divinitor aims to provide high quality tools for as many major DN servers as possible. For each supported server, the following tools are planned:

All of these tools will be available in the browser. A standalone desktop version that utilizes your local client files is also planned. More tools and features may be added as time goes on.

Can I help?

So long as you don't wipe the party

For now, as Divinitor is in its infant stages, there's not much that you'd be able to help with. Once the infrastructure and initial code base are set up, you can contribute to the GitHub repos that will be set up. As for gold or monetary donations, those are always appreciated but I will not be seeking any until Divinitor actually goes live.